Participants with fewer opportunities:

Trainees belonging to one of the following target groups can apply for a top-up of 250€ per month (lump sum) in addition to the normal grant:

However, the different top-ups cannot be combined. I.e., working parents with child(ren) and non-academic family background can only receive 250 € (instead of 750 €), for instance.

In order to apply for the top-up, please submit the Honorary Declaration for Additional Funding.

Trainees with child(ren), Trainees with disability and Trainees with chronic illness: If particularly high additional costs arise for your stay abroad, a so-called "real cost application" can be submitted instead with a few months´ notice. For this, it is necessary to provide a detailed list with all items expected to cause additional costs. Combining this funding and a top-up is possible if the reason of the top-up (e.g. continuously employed during studies) and the "real cost application" (e.g. trainee with child) are different. The application has to be submitted with at least three months´ advance notice.

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