Language course

In order to benefit as much as possible from the stay, the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt recommends all interns to participate in a language course or an intercultural preparation course before and / or during the internship.

Financial support for language courses

Option 1)

The Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt reimburses language courses that are carried out before and / or during the internship up to a maximum of 200€. The language lessons can e.g. take place at education centers, universities, private language schools or as individual lessons with a language teacher. They must be carried out in a language relevant to the internship, i.e. either in a working language or a language of the target country. Example: an English-language internship in Barcelona: language courses in English, Spanish and / or Catalan are possible.

At the end of your internship, please submit the form for reimbursement of language course costs (download here) and proving receipts together with the documents for the final report.

 ! Attention: Option 1 expired for all future applicants (7.12.21) !

Option 2)

In the case of language courses lasting several weeks, which are carried out in the target country directly before the start of the internship, the scholarship for the stay can alternatively be increased by the number of days/weeks of the language course (which corresponds to an extension of the internship period).

Please submit the relevant form together with your application documents (download here) and send us a confirmation of participation for the language course as soon as possible. This must include the exact dates of the duration of the language course (from…  – to …).

Link-list for language courses

In our link-list sorted by countries, we have put together for you links to language schools, where former interns attended a language course.

OLS_logoThe OLS-online tool, which is free for all scholarship holders, includes a compulsory language TEST and an optional language COURSE. Improve your language skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening!

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