PhD Students

Doctoral students who are enrolled at a higher education institution in Saxony-Anhalt can also receive Erasmus funding for a research stay abroad (internship). This internship can be completed in research institutions and universities, but also in companies and other institutions.

The same funding conditions apply to registered doctoral candidates as to students. They can also receive funding as graduates up to one year after the end of their doctorate (date of exmatriculation).

Basically, the Erasmus programme is based on 3 study cycles (Bachelor, Master, PhD). In each of these study cycles, you can spend up to 12 months abroad with Erasmus (i.e. a maximum of 36 months in total). Various combinations of research stays abroad during and after your studies are possible here.

6 months Erasmus internship at a research institution during the doctorate, 3 months Erasmus internship after the doctorate at a university, 3 months Erasmus internship after the doctorate in a company.

  • Internship as registered doctoral student: Procedure analogous to Students.
  • Internship up to 1 year after the end of the doctorate: Procedure analogous to Graduates.

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