All trainees are obliged to be covered by the following insurances during their traineeship:

  • Health insurance,
  • Accident insurance for damage suffered by the participant at the workplace,
  • Liability insurance for damages caused by the participant at the workplace.

Specific insurance requirements during the pandemic

Currently, all trainees must take out the DAAD insurance, a private insurance package that also covers the case of a "pandemic". Many other private insurance companies exclude the "pandemic" case and many public health insurance companies only pay a fraction of the costs incurred abroad. Since we are unable to check the details of each insurance package individually, the DAAD insurance is currently compulsory for everyone.

DAAD insurance package

The DAAD offers Erasmus scholarship holders a combined health, accident and personal liability insurance. This costs about 38.00 € (tariff 720) if you are still compulsorily insured in Germany (e.g. for compulsory internships via your university) and otherwise 69.00 € (tariff 726; includes treatment in Germany).

When signing up for the DAAD insurance proof of funding is required. You can use the Grant Agreement as such proof, even when it has not yet been signed by the Leonardo office.

Further information and application documents can be found on the DAAD website.

Questions should also be directed at the DAAD: e-mail: ; phone: +49 228 882 8770

Further information for non-pandemic times (currently not valid)

Accident and liability insurance

Often, trainees are insured against accidents and liability at the workplace by their host institution. However, this varies from country to country and must always be checked before. As a general rule, Erasmus trainees are not insured by their sending university.

We check this in the Learning Agreement, in which the sending university and internship institution provide information on how their trainee will be insured. And we check the information in the Grant Agreement given by the trainee.

Health insurance

Generally, members of the statutory health insurance are also insured in other European countries. Please inquire with your health insurance company! Otherwise a private international health insurance will be necessary.

If you have any questions about insurance during your internship, please contact the Leonardo office in Saxony-Anhalt.

Please note: The EU emergency telephone number is 112 and valid throughout Europe at any time.

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