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www.iku.edu.tr | Traineeships at a partner university in Istanbul (especially social sciences, languages, economics)
www.kariyer.net | Jobs and traineeships in Turkey
www.secretcv.com | Jobs and traineeships in Turkey
www.yenibiris.com | Jobs and traineeships in Turkey

Search for accommodation

www.istanbul.tr.craiglist.com.tr | Apartment-hunting in Istanbul

Language courses

www.languagecourse.net | Language courses in Turkey
VOCAL-Medical | The VOCAL-Medical project prepares trainees from the health sector linguistically as well as interculturally for their stay abroad.

Useful hints

Work permit: Turkey is not a member of the EU. Turkish citizens or German citizens with Turkish roots and the so-called Marvi Kart do not need a work permit/visa. For non-Turkish citizens a work permit/visa is required (from a certain duration of stay).

In Turkey you can stay as an Erasmus trainee in one of the numerous student residences. You can get in touch with the ERASMUS coordinator of your local university. There are both "real" student dormitories with shared rooms and low furnishings as well as a "hotel" with single rooms on campus (with private bathroom and internet access). If possible, you should be accompanied by a Turkish acquaintance or work colleague during the on-site visit, so that you do not have to pay the usual extortionate prices for foreigners.

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