Search for traineeships

www.jobs.pl | Job market for Poland 
www.oei.fu-berlin.de | Internship Exchange Eastern Europe of the Institute for Eastern European Studies of Freie Universität Berlin
www.dpjw.de | German-Polish Youth Office; Erasmus grant in addition to DPJW grant

Search for accommodation

www.us.szc.pl | Room of the Student Union at the University of Szczecin
www.gumtree.pl | Room and apartment search in Poland
www.olx.pl | Apartment hunting in Poland

Language courses

www.polonicum.uw.edu.pl | Language courses in Warsaw
www.cjkp.umcs.lublin.pl | Language courses in Lublin
VOCAL-Medical | The VOCAL-Medical project prepares medical students / interns from the health sector linguistically as well as interculturally for their stay abroad.

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