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Useful hints

Most Norwegians live in their own home. The situation on the housing market is particularly tense in the university cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø). Standards vary greatly and are often not as high as in Germany, but rents are significantly more expensive. That is why many students live in shared flats (bofellesskap). For a room in a 4-person shared flat, for example, a rent of around NOK 3,000 to 4,000 (about 400 to 550 euros) is not unusual. It is common to sign a rental contract and you should expect to pay a deposit of one to three months' rent.
Most of our former interns have lived in student union halls of residence (Studentsamskipnaden), which offer comparatively cheap rooms. The chances of getting a place in a hall of residence are quite good, especially if you do not arrive at the beginning of the semester (August and January).

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