Important information on Corona

On this page we inform you as comprehensively and up-to-date as possible about the possible effects of the corona virus on your Erasmus traineeship.

Traineeships that have already started

Here you find all necessary information in case you have already started your traineeship affected by the Corona crisis.

Requirements for funding of the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt

We are willing to support traineeships in other European countries under following conditions:

 1. The receiving institution and the sending university both agree to the traineeship (signature in the Learning Agreement).

 2. You must confirm to us that you have read the website of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany about the situation in your target country.

3. Currently all interns must take the DAAD insurance, as this private insurance also includes the case of a "pandemic". Many other private insurance companies do not cover the "pandemic" case and many statutory health insurance companies only pay a fraction of the costs abroad. We are not able to check all of your insurances individually, therefore the DAAD-insurance is compulsory for everyone. DAAD insurance here

Should you still start an Erasmus traineeship?

For countries with travel information, we would generally say yes. However, this depends on the individual case and the current situation in the target country (e.g. entry requirements) and the receiving institution (is it affected by corona restrictions? Would home office be an option? etc.). We cannot recommend traineeships in countries with travel warnings. If you still decide to go to these countries, that´s at your own risk! In this case, you should consider even more whether you are willing to take the risk and ask the receiving institution about the situation on site and how they are dealing with the pandemic.

Here you can find excerpts from reports of participants (in German only) who have recently started their traineeships and who describe their experiences with quarantine, difficult entry, etc.

Start of a traineeship in home office or in quarantine

You can start your traineeship in your home office in Germany, but you will not receive an Erasmus scholarship for that time. Home office phases and quarantine times abroad in the target country, on the other hand, are fully eligible with Erasmus. If you do part of the traineeship in your home office in Germany and the duration in the target country falls below the minimum of 2 months, this can still be funded in this exceptional situation.

Graduate traineeships

Graduate traineeships can currently be carried out up to 18 months after graduation (instead of only 12 months).

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