As ERASMUS funding, our trainees receive a grant as lump sum (covering additional costs of living). Moreover, the internship host organisation might support you with an additional internship salary.

The ERASMUS grant does not depend on how you found your host organisation. You may well choose a host organisation not related to the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt and still receive the grant. How you find your internship relies on you and does not affect the Erasmus-grant. 

The precise amount of the grant depends on the destination country. In countries with high living costs (e.g. Norway) you will receive a higher grant than in countries where the cost of living is comparatively low (e.g. Bulgaria).

Grant Rates

The Erasmus grant is calculated in days. Each month comprises 30 days - no matter the exact number of days. Daily rates vary and depend on the country group your target country belongs to. 

Country group 1: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden

Country group 2: Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain

Country group 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia,Turkey 


Grant Rates:
Country Group 1 25€ / Day 750,00€ / Month
Country Group 2 23€ / Day 690,00€ / Month
Country Group 3 21,33€ / Day 640,00€ / Month


Worldwide: 700€ / Month (Switzerland, UK: 750€ / Month)

Further financing options

Remuneration from the host organisation:

Many internship providers pay their interns a remuneration or provide other benefits such as a monthly ticket for a local transport, an accommodation or meals free of charge.


Trainees with fewer opportunities (with child(ren), with disability, with chronic illness causing additional costs, with non-academic family background, employed trainee) can apply for a top-up of 250€ per month (lump sum) in addition to the normal grant. Please find further information under inclusion.

Further grants:

It is not allowed to receive two EU grants for the same internship period, i.e. no double funding is possible. Further additional scholarships do not pose a problem for the Erasmus+ grant. Information concerning scholarships for a stay abroad can be found in the DAAD scholarship database.

Students of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences may receive a Mobility Aid in addition to the EU grant.

Multiple Erasmus+ funding

You can get an Erasmus+ grant for up to 12 months in each study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD), i.e. 36 months in total for the whole study period. Various combinations of an internship during and after your studies as well as study periods abroad are possible.


1) 6 months Erasmus+ study abroad, 3 months Erasmus+ internship abroad during studies and 3 months Erasmus+ internship abroad after your studies.


2) 4 months Erasmus+ internship abroad during studies, 6 months Erasmus+ internship abroad during studies and 2 months Erasmus+ internship after your graduation.

Selection process

For the last 20 years the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt has always been able to support all internships in the European program countries (not worldwide!), that met the formal requirements of the Erasmus-program. Just in case the demand for Erasmus grants should increase significantly all of a sudden, there could be shortages in the future.


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