Internships Worldwide

You apply via our "normal" Application Process for Students/PhD or Graduates.

The new Erasmus programme allows funding of traineeships to all countries beyond the program countries. However, means are limited so that we expect that (unlike with the program countries) we will be unable to fund all applicants.

One alternative is the program Promos, which is managed by the International Offices of your universities. Please contact these directly for information regarding the conditions. The Erasmus grant is €700 per month (Switzerland, UK: €750) and, thus, generally higher than the Promos grant. Please note: double-funding with Erasmus and Promos is NOT possible!

Important for non-EU citizens: A traineeship into the country of origin cannot be funded.

The grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, e.g. according to the chronology of the application submissions. The application deadline is two month before the start of the traineeship. Earlier application is possible and due to the visa process recommendable. We will award grants as long as funds last.

Visa / Work permit: These are your own responsibility. Outside of Europe you will usually need a visa and possibly a work permit. Make sure to enquire about these details at the respective embassy and do so early. We only assist you if documents are to be signed or issued by the sending institution. If this is the case, please prepare everything as far as you can! We will publish experience reports on our website that also include details concerning visa. Furthermore, there will be previous trainees in our information sessions, whose reports will also cover visa processes.

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