Entry in the Diploma Supplement

What is the Diploma Supplement?

The Europass Diploma Supplement is an explanatory note to the university degree certificate. It describes the course of study in question and more importantly it serves to improve the understanding and the (international) comparability of the degrees at European universities. It is issued in each member state by the same university which awards the original diploma. Further information

Where is the entry in the Diploma Supplement made?

The entry is made under point 6.1: Further Information. Here's an example.

What is entered there?

This depends on your examination office. As you can see in our example, the document usually includes the period of the traineeship, the name of the traineeship institution and the target country.
For the entry in the Diploma Supplement we have prepared a document which you fill in and submit to us after the end of your internship. We then check the information and with our signature/stamp we confirm the correctness as well as the funding in the Erasmus programme. Afterwards, you submit this document to your examination office.

Please find the document here: Entry in the Diploma Supplement

All universities in Saxony-Anhalt should generally provide for the entry in the Diploma Supplement for Erasmus-funded traineeships. Should this not be possible in your case, please inform us.

Alternatively, it is also possible to issue an “equivalent” to the diploma supplement. Your faculty decides how this will look like.

If your faculty can neither provide an entry in the Diploma Supplement nor issue an equivalent, Erasmus funding is not possible. Please let us know if you are affected by this.

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