Application through Placement-Online

Once you have secured a traineeship position and want to apply for financial support, please submit your application via our new platform Placement-Online one month before the start of your traineeship at the latest.

In Placement-Online you will be able to follow the processing of your application. Usually, we will process your application within one week. Thus, we ask you: please do not send us any inquiries within the first week after your submission.

Learning Agreement (=Praktikumsvereinbarung)

The Learning Agreement is an agreement between you, your traineeship institution and your sending university. As soon as you have applied through Placement-Online, we will provide you with the pre-filled page 1 and unfilled pages 2-6 through the platform. You will have to upload the fully-filled and -signed (by all three parties) Learning Agreement to Placement-Online before the start of your traineeship. If you fail to do so in time, we will no longer be able to fund your traineeship.

How to fill in the Learning Agreement?

 Exemplars: Standard, Research traineeship, Medicine (PJ)

Enrolled PhD students should use this exemplar as a guideline: PhD Students

Later amendments to the Learning Agreement: Changes to the Learning Agreement and Change of duration

Grant Agreement (=Stipendienvereinbarung)

The Grant Agreement is an agreement between you and us. If we are able to fund your traineeship, we will provide you with this document through Placement-Online. A hand-signed hard copy of the Grant Agreement should be sent to us via post; it should be here one week after the start of your traineeship at the latest. NB: The date on the Grant Agreement must be BEFORE the beginning of your traineeship.

For your informartion: Translation of the „Stipendienvereinbarung“. (Please hand in the signed German version!)


Due to the current situation, you need to submit the following document:
+ Additional Agreement Corona

Optional: Language course in the country of your placement before the start of the traineeship

Selection process

Over the past 20 years, the Leonardo office has been able to fund all traineeships that met the formal criteria of the ERASMUS programme. Should there be a sudden increase in applications for funding, there may be shortages. In this case the Leonardo office Saxony-Anhalt would select trainees based on a fixed set of selection criteria.

For your information: Erasmus student charter.

The funding procedure

1. Acceptance for a traineeship position

2. Application for funding (online) from the Leonardo-Office Saxony-Anhalt
    (deadline: one month before the start of the traineeship)

3. Learning Agreement, Grant Agreement and, if applicable, OLS language test
    (deadline: before the start of the traineeship)

4. Transfer of the first grant instalment – 90%

5. during the traineeship: interim report (and, if applicable, change of duration)

6. Submission of final report documents
    (deadline: one month after the end of the traineeship)

7. Transfer of the final grant instalment – 10% (+ subsidy for language classes, if applicable)

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