Traineeships in Albania, Bosnia/Herzegovina and Kosovo


Students of the eight partner universities of the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt can also receive funding for traineeships in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Kosovo within the frame of our Western Balkan projects.

The conditions for receiving a grant are widely the same as those for the “regular” Erasmus programme countries. However, there are a few differences:

  • The grant is higher, namely 700€ per month. Additionally, funding includes a travelling allowance of 275€.
  • The application deadline is six weeks before the start date of the traineeship.
  • The application documents are to be submitted to the Office for Erasmus Traineeships. Then, the application is processed by our project partners (HS Bremen, HS Osnabrueck).
  • The programme is only open to students, not to graduates.

Particularly suited are subjects from the following fields of study: Tourism, European Studies / European Administrative Management / Peace and Conflict Studies, International Law, Slavic / Albanian Languages, GFL, Psychology, Project Management / Development Assistance, Medicine and Teaching / Education / Pedagogy / Social Work. The programme is generally open for all fields of study.

 Traineeship offers in the Western Balkan

We will send you the contact details upon request.

Application for the grant (after having found a traineeship)

Please only use the following documents for your application and send them by email to :

  1. Application form
  2. CV
  3. Certificate of enrolment
  4. Previous Erasmus funding
  5. Learning Agreement
  6. optional: Language course in the destination country before the start of the traineeship

Experience reports

International Social Sciences | Bosnia and Herzegovina
Erziehungswissenschaft | Bosnien und Herzegowina
International Social Sciences | Albania

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