Application for Erasmus+ funding

The application process - step by step

Please use our website for detailed information (also through the provided links).

Before the traineeship

  1. You have secured a traineeship position? Please register in our

  2. Confirm your registration through the link that you immediately receive via e-mail.
  3. You complete the required details and upload the application documents (CV, certificate of enrolment) at due date (one month BEFORE the start date of your traineeship at the latest). Afterwards you confirm that you have completed these steps.
  4. We check your application formally to determine your eligibility for Erasmus+ funding.


→ Funding presumably possible:

  1. We provide you with the agreement documents (Learning Agreement, Grant Agreement) through Placement-Online and you will receive an invitation to the OLS online language test via e-mail (unless you are a native speaker in the main work language).
  2. - You upload your Learning Agreement to Placement-Online and enter the required details from the Learning Agreement into Placement-Online in the next step.
    - You send us 2 hand-signed hard copies of your Grant Agreement by post (BEFORE the start date of your traineeship).
    - You complete the OLS online language test and upload the certificate to Placement-Online (BEFORE the start date of your traineeship).
  3. We check your application documents.


→ Funding possible:

During the traineeship

  1. We return one copy of the Grant Agreement, signed by us, to you by post.
  2. We transfer the first instalment of your Erasmus grant to your bank account (90% of the total amount).
  3. You send us an informal interim report (one month after the start of your traineeship).
  4. You inform us about any changes (change of duration) or problems (deadline for extensions of stay: one month before the original end date of the traineeship).
  5. We send you an e-mail with information regarding your final report documents (2-3 weeks before the end of your traineeship).

After the traineeship

  1. You prepare all the final report documents and upload them at due date (4 weeks after the end of your traineeship at the latest).
  2. You participate in the EU-survey (you will receive an automatic invitation link via e-mail).
  3. We transfer the final instalment of your grant to your bank account (10% of the total amount).

Further information:

Change of duration, Diploma supplement, Europass, Language course

More detailed information regarding the application process and the required documents.

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