Full application

As soon as you have found an internship - during or after your studies - apply online with the following documents at least one month before the start of the internship:

      1. Application form (online)
      2. Curriculum Vitae
      3. Certificate of enrolment
      4. Details of previous Erasmus funding
      5. Learning Agreement
      6. Learning Objectives
      7. Graduation Certificate (can be submitted later; in this case, please forward an informal confirmation to us (by e-mail) from your Examination Office in advance, stating that you passed all required exams successfully)
      8. Additional Agreement Corona


We usually process your documents within two weeks. Therefore, please enquire about the status of your documents after two weeks at the earliest.

Visa: please inform yourself about any visa requirements as early as possible. Visa procedures might take much longer than Erasmus grant processing.

Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement should be submitted to us one month before the start of your internship. If we don´t receive the fully completed agreement with all 3 signatures BEFORE the start of your internship, we can no longer fund your internship.

Examples: Standard, Research

Link to the Learning Agreement

How to fill in the Learning Agreement  + University contacts (sending institution)

Grant Agreement

If your internship can be funded, then you will receive an email from us with the Grant Agreement in English and German. The English translation is for you to keep. Please sign the German version and return it to us.

For your information: Translation of the „Stipendienvereinbarung“.

The Grant Agreement must be submitted in paper form (original signature) BEFORE the start of the internship. We then will transfer the first instalment of your grant (90% of the grant).

 Funding Procedure

    1. Promise of internship place
    2. Grant application to the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt (Deadline: 1 month before the start of the internship)
    3. Grant agreement (+ where applicable online language test (OLS)
    4. Transfer of 1st grant instalment (90%)
    5. Experience / Interim Report (+ change of duration, if applicable)
    6. Final report (+ where applicable online language test (OLS) (Deadline: 1 month after completion of internship)
    7. Transfer of 2nd grant instalment (10%)

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