Final report

 You must submit the final report within one month of completing your internship. Please submit all documents online or by email (to ). The final grant instalment will be paid as soon as the Office for Erasmus Traineeships Saxony-Anhalt has received the following documents:

  1. Online questionnaire from the EU (EU Survey in the Mobility Tool) - currently inactive
  2. Final Report
  3. Experience Report
  4. Internship Reference (to be issued by the host organisation)
  5. Euroskills Questionnaire
  6. If you applied for the sustainable travel grant: Proof of Green Travel
  7. If affected by Corona impacts: Corona-Questionnaire
  8. Europass Mobility (optional for students, mandatory for graduates and doctoral students


1. Online Questionnaire from the EU (EU survey in the Mobility Tool): We enter the details of the participants in the mobility tool. The tool then sends access details to the participants by email - on the day on which the internship comes to an end. As soon as you receive the access details, you can enter your report and transmit it online. We regularly check the status of the reports in the tool and can see if and when you have completed the report.

Note: The portal has been shut down and is currently no longer available. We therefore assume that this questionnaire will no longer be mandatory for you.

2. Final Report: Your answers in this report will help us to improve our work. It is only used for our internal evaluation and will not be published.

3. Experience Report: This report will be published on our homepage so that other students can benefit from your experience.

4. Internship Reference: A proper internship Reference for the completed internship must be enclosed with the final report. The reference must state the precise duration of the internship (start and end dates), mention your tasks during the internship and include an evaluation of how you managed to carry them out. It must be signed by your internship host organisation. A copy is sufficient. 

Under certain circumstances (please get in touch with us) we might be able to accept this form: Traineeship Certificate.

5. Euroskills Questionnaire: In this document your internship institution is asked to assess your key qualifications.

6. Proof of Green Travel: In order to promote the sustainability of Erasmus mobilities, you can receive additional funding if the journey to and from the internship location is mainly carried out sustainably. With this document you confirm to us once again that you have actually traveled sustainably.

You can find more information about Green Travel here.

7. Corona-Questionnaire: Used to settle the Erasmus grant for internships that were affected by Corona. Please enclose the required receipts and evidence at the same time. By email is fine.

8. Europass Mobility

For graduates and doctoral students, the Europass is a mandatory part of the final report. You will receive a password for the Europass page one month before the end of your internship.
Further information on Europass can be found here.

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