Graduates of a university in Saxony-Anhalt may also receive an Erasmus grant from the Leonardo-Office Saxony-Anhalt. A practical work experience abroad may well facilitate your first career step after studying.

If you consider going abroad for a traineeship after your studies, you already have to hand in your Pre-Application as long as you are enrolled as a student - even if you haven´t got a traineeship yet. The funding is available up to one year after the end of your studies at maximum.

Who can apply?

This offer applies to graduates of all universities in Saxony-Anhalt who are not (re-)enrolled at a university. It is generally open to all disciplines.

Where do the traineeships take place?

The traineeships can be carried out in companies, universities and research institutions as well as in other public and non-profit institutions. Traineeships in one of the EU institutions or in institutions managing EU programs are not possible. Target countries are all countries of the EU (except Germany) as well as Norway, Iceland, Serbia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia and Turkey.

Duration of traineeships

The traineeship duration has to be between two and twelve months. Only full-time traineeships with at least 35 hours per week can be funded.

How do I apply?

In any case, while you are still studying!

The following procedures are possible:

1. Pre-Application: I don't have a traineeship yet. Or: I already have a traineeship, but I might do further graduate traineeships afterwards. Link to Pre-Application

2. Full Application: I already have a traineeship. Link to Full Application


How much is the grant?

Which documents do I have to submit, and when?

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